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The recent goss is that DWTS is desperately trying to ditch the D-lister reality stars and go all star-spangled on our asses.

But why the sudden snooty 'tude from DWTS? When we caught up with Karina Smirnoff at the Samsung Galaxy Tab 10.1 Launch at The Beverly, the dancing vet gave us her input on why the mystery A-listers need to up the show's game:

"I think it's great that we're getting more A-list," said Karina. "I think we can outdo America's Got Talent and The Voice."

Lofty goals for a dancing show, Kare, you think? But since when are Snooki and Rob Kardashian A-list?

We can't help but wonder which real A-list celeb would actually sign on to the reality show. But, supposedly, the series is willing to lax up a bit on the practices and schedule for high-profile celebs.

Still, these need to be celebs who barely pass the A-list on a good day to sign up for this hoofin' stuff, no matter how classy the reality TV.

So, who's the barely A-list star who'd sign his or her soul to the reality TV devil?

We-ell, Lindsay Lohan would be the typical one-time A-lister whose gone way down the alphabet, plus LiLo could distract herself from partying and make some moolah for therapy.

Of course, if you want a fan fave, Ellen DeGeneres would be a such a good pick. She loves the show but it'll be hard luck getting a celeb of her status to sign on. So ya, good luck on that one.

And then there's a Twilighters, sure to keep millions of Twi-hards tuned in. We're thinking a sexy side-star like Kellan Lutz

Demi Moore would be a great sexy older gal with an awesome career under her belt. The gal is still hot, not up to much lately, and always into the latest trends (Twitter obsessions, anyone?).

Lastly is our girl Mariah Carey With those newborn twinsies, the songstress is pretty despo to lose the baby weight. And we all saw Kirstie Alley's transformation, people.

So, who's most likely to next get that coveted Dancing with the Stars invite and accept it?

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Who should get a spot on the newly A-list show?
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