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We like Emile Hirsch. Speed Racer really wasn't his fault and might we remind you that he was great in Sean Penn's Into the Wild. The guy's even starring alongside Matthew McConaughey this fall in Killer Joe. Very promising stuff.

But the trailer for his newest flick, The Darkest Hour, has us worried. It's true, not every project can be a hit, but we're starting to wonder if we should prepare to take cover in the bomb shelter. Check it out...

OK, first point: If you opt to make an alien invasion movie, can the aliens please be more finite than nebulous clouds of gas?

Second, when developing a reason for said clouds of gas to invade our nice little planet, can it be for a reason other than to drain us of our electricity? It just seems like that might not be a viable excuse for semiconscious beings possessing the capacity for intergalactic travel to put another world in their sights.

Sure it creates lots of suspense as Emile and his trendy twentysomething pals are now going to have to run around in the dark as they fight for us, but it also leaves the audience wondering: really?

What do you think? Do you expect more from your alien flicks or are you on board?

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