What's Up With Demi Lovato's Heroin Sticker?

E! News learns the true meaning of the anti-drug sticker pasted to the singer's cell phone

By Natalie Finn Aug 03, 2011 8:55 PMTags
Demi LovatoFame Pictures

Did Demi Lovato have an ulterior motive in mind when she affixed a sticker with an antidrug slogan to her cell phone?

Virtual fingers were pointing all over the Internet after the singer was spotted toting the message "Heroin killed the radio star" on her mobile.

What did it mean?! Was it a nod at Amy Winehouse's recent passing? Or were people just peeved that "Video Killed the Radio Star" had been repurposed without their consent?

It's just a reminder of the danger of drugs, people!

A source close to Lovato confirms to E! News that Lovato's sticker is merchandise from a brand founded by a friend of hers called Sober Is Sexy, and that a portion from every sale is donated to a substance-abuse organization.

Sure enough, the Soberissexy.com home page features a girl wearing a T-shirt with the slogan "Heroin Killed the Radio Star." Also for sale are shirts with the slogans "The Only Coke I Do Is Diet" and "Don't Die."

Incidentally, there are also tees with Amy Winehouse's image and one of the perennially in trouble Pete Doherty, a design the brand has labeled "God Save the Pete."

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