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Ryan Dunn's death left a big hole in the Jackass family. But at least one of his brothers in debauchery has made sure that his buddy's memory follows him wherever he goes.

A tattoo of Dunn's happy-go-lucky, bearded face should do the trick.

Who's the one sporting fresh ink on his shoulder in tribute to the late daredevil?

It's Dunn's best friend, Bam Margera, of course.

Bam Margera

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Margera was the most outspoken of any of the Jackass crew after Dunn's death in an alcohol-related car crash in terms of just how much he was going to miss the man.

"It was pretty much the worst news I've ever heard in my life," he told E! News.

In a tribute segment to Dunn, who briefly hosted the G4 series Proving Ground, Attack of the Show host Kevin Pereira noted that Dunn getting behind the wheel while under the influence was a "horrible decision" for which he "paid the ultimate price."

"But," Pereira added, "that one decision doesn't mean that we should forget the laughter that he brought to all of us for many, many years."

Bam Margera, for one, plans to never, ever forget.

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