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It's tough being an über-hot, A-list star.

Which is exactly why Justin Timberlake has to hire buffed-up bodyguards to keep his scruffy (though purty) mug safe. And while his security squad has had some slightly controversial run-ins in the past, it seems they're now on to bigger and badder things (emphasis on badder). The latest incident involving J.T.'s hired help involves an alleged assault that went down across the pond.

So what's the deal with Justin's gooney guys?

See, Justin and his Friends With Benefits costar Mila Kunis hit up the ritzy Nobu restaurant in London, which was innocent enough, ya know, until J.T.'s bodyguard purportedly punched out a paparazzo.

"Police were called to Barkley Street in central London at 9:45 p.m. for a report of an assault," a Scotland Yard spokesman tells E! News. "A man alleged an assault and had suffered minor injuries. He didn't require hospitalization.

"Later officers arrested a 45-year-old man at a central London hotel on suspicion of common assault. He was taken to central London police station and later released. No further action will be taken. He hasn't been charged."

No word back yet from J.T.'s reps, despite repeated attempts for comment.

The mysterioso man in question—donning a dapper blue shirt, yellow tie and fists of fury in the pics—is rumored to work for Justin, and after decking the photog, delivered a few kicks to him as he lay on the ground. Uh, a little extreme, don't you think, dude?

While the Scotland Yard spokesfella would not confirm on the record that the suspect worked as Justin's bodyguard, he did tell us, "It has been widely reported and I wouldn't steer your away from that."

Uh, we think we got you, chap.

The bodyguard was later arrested at the Dorchester Hotel, where J.T. is reportedly shacking up during his stay.

So here's what we want to know: What the hell is going on in Camp Timberlake? We like Justin, we really do, and don't think he's to blame for the latest run-in, but it's time he takes control and tells his peeps what's what. It's not cool to have your bodyguard out beating up anyone who tries to snap a photo of you.

Here's a tip, J.T., stick with Mila. She makes an adorable bodyguard, dontcha think?

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