There's a reason that Parks and Recreation is pretty much the best comedy currently on television: Its stars have no qualms about going there.

"There," in this case, is a new idea for an E! series called Celebrity Cockblocker, courtesy of Amy Poehler and Adam Scott, who sat down to talk with me about what's coming up for their adorkable coupling on the Emmy-nominated (testify!) NBC comedy. Leslie and Ben finally got together in the season-three finale, but...will it last?

Oh, and you wanna know what costar Nick Offerman has to say about a big P-Rex star who is "just not ready" to return to the show yet, even though production has already begun?

The 'Stache, thank you very much! As in, Offerman's 'stache. And you better not look it in the eye if you ever meet it. Not without asking permission first.

Check out my video iinterviews for even more reason to love the crap out of Amy, Adam, Nick and their no-longer-an-underdog series, plus what Nick has to say about the casting of Patricia Clarkson as Tammy One and the surprises in store.

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