Holy Groff! There are only five New Directions hopefuls left on The Glee Project! And even though they already know the outcome, we had fun pretending they were still in the dark when we sat down with them at Oxygen's TCA press tour.

Which made their planning of their characters that much more fun, because one of them is describing a character we'll actually see on TV soon! Some we could totally envision in the halls of McKinley High. Others, well, they just kind of creep us out...

Hannah, Samuel, Alex, Lindsay and Damian (along with judges Zach Woodlee and Robert Ulrich) were still buzzing with energy after their panel, almost basking in the glow of calm before the career storm. And they openly talked with us about Cameron's decision to leave, Damian's Irish vortex of charm, and shooting this week's video "The Only Exception." And by the way, we got a sneak peek at the finished video, and we can confidently tell you it will give you über-chills. Those are chills on top of goosebumps.

Also, Damian tries an American accent during our interview, and fails in a spectacularly awesome way. That alone should be enough reason to watch.

Check out all our interviews with the final five, and then it's time to pick your winner of The Glee Project! Hannah, Alex, Damian, Lindsay or Samuel?

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