Jesse James, Kat Von D, Michelle Bombshell McGee

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You remember Michelle "Bombshell" McGee.

Jesse James cheated on then-wife Sandra Bullock with her.

And now a little more than a week after he and LA Ink star Kat Von D called off their engagement, Ms. Bombshell is wasting no time ripping James. And Von D.

Take it away, McGee...

Interviewed on New Zealand radio station's The Edge, the tattoo model/erotic dancer went into detail about how she and James saw each other for the better party of a year, believing he was separated from Bullock. She says she realized it was all a lie when James teared up as Bullock collected her Best Actress Academy Award for The Blind Side.

"What a croc of s--t," Bombshell said, recounting that Oscar night. "He had crocodile tears. It was pathetic. I sat there and said, 'That guy has been lying to me this entire time.' So we've never spoke since then."

McGee, in the country for the Erotica Expo, said when they first started hooking up, James never wore a wedding ring and told her that he and Bullock didn't live together, and that he couldn't talk about their union because of legalities having to do with her latest movie.

And when she was fingered as the other woman?

"At that point I was like, typical pig, you know what I mean?"

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While McGee stressed that she felt sorry for Bullock, she didn't have similar sentiments for Von D, whom McGee referred to as "Kat Von Dude."

Asked if she had any advice for Von D following her and James' split, McGee cracked, "I told you so."

As for James' infamously referring to his private parts as the Vanilla Gorilla, she called him a "douchebag" and sized him up as only "average."

"I would call it a Vanilla chimpanzee, not gorilla," she quipped.


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