Sean Kingston

Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty Images

Sean Kingston's condition after his Jet Ski crash was even more serious than even the doctors realized at first.

The R&B singer revealed in an MTV First special, his first interview since his May accident, that he underwent emergency surgery to repair a torn aorta after being treated for his various injuries.

Kingston said he was about to be discharged from the hospital with he felt a "shocking pain" in his chest that he ranked a "9" on the pain scale. He told his mom, he underwent a series of tests, and then they rushed him into the operating room.

But the fun didn't end there.

"Then again," Kingston said, meaning that he went under then knife a second time because "they had to go back in for other things."

He didn't offer up any other details about procedure No. 2, but overall he was in the hospital for 23 days after initially suffering a shattered wrist, broken ribs and water inhalation.

Kingston's mother also joined the MTV chat, which took place on the deck of the singer's Miami Beach home—purchased the day before his accident!

She recalled that the person who initially called her about her son informed her that he was dying. Happily, that was not the case and she's been by his side ever since.

When asked what she's doing to keep him in line now, she cracked, "Selling the Jet Skis." Kingston, who said he's lost 45 pounds and is working out every day since the accident, joked that she "takes [his] vitals" every day.

"I'm so glad that he's all right," pal Justin Bieber said in an interview piped in via video. Kingston said that his little buddy recently spent four days hanging out at his place in Miami.

But now, saying he feels "100 percent," Kingston is ready to head to Los Angeles to work on his third album and perform.

"I been down, I've been in the house coming up with ideas...I'm older now...It's going to be a great album," he said. He predicted that his first single will be ready in December.

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