Twixt, Toronto Film Festival

Remember Val Kilmer? He's been Batman, Ice Man, Doc Holliday and that one blind guy with perfect hair who totally had Mira Sorvino falling for him.

Though he's fallen off the high-profile scene lately, the actor is teaming up with famed director Francis Ford Coppola for a tale of mystery, murder and vampires.

So how does their new flick, Twixt, look? Well...

Not great.

The deliberately low-budget aesthetic just leaves things looking...low budget. And we'll be honest, Coppola's last vampire movie, Dracula, isn't one of his best works.

Still, our interest is somewhat piqued by hearing the Tom Waits' voiceover as well as casting Kilmer's real-life ex-wife Joanne Whalley to play his movie wife, but the trailer mostly misses, from its plot—Kilmer's a cut-rate mystery writer starting a new novel based on vampire-themed murders—to the look to the (deliberately?) wooden performances.

Even Val's assessment of vampires misses the mark: "What are vampires but witches that suck blood?" Um, sounds like someone needs to catch up on their True Blood.

What do you think? Were you expecting more from this creative duo, or are we missing something?

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