Hue's That Girl? Katy Perry Goes Pink!

Pop superstar changes up her locks yet again, this time stepping out with a shock of fuschia on her tresses

By Gina Serpe Aug 02, 2011 4:59 PMTags

Blondes have more fun? Not for Katy Perry.

The superstar who's had as many hair color changes as No. 1 hits has done it again (follicle-wise), and stepped out in Los Angeles yesterday with bright pink locks.

Why the change?

Eh, why not? Maybe she got some inspiration from BFF Rihanna, who recently went from shocking red to a more natural segment of the color wheel. Or, come to think of it, maybe it was a different pop star she took her cue from.

In any case, Perry has been no stranger to the salon chair in recent weeks, going from her (formerly) signature raven tresses to a ginger red, to her most recent incarnation, as a blonde on the red carpet of her Smurfs premiere last week.

But it wasn't long after she'd reached the blonde perfection that she started tinkering again…

"I have been dying my hair since 10pm!" she tweeted. "Good GOD let me get to my destination tonight! #beenblack #beenblue #beenhotginge #beenblonde #now…"

Don't leave us in suspense!

"Still transitioning," she added. "Practicing patience!"

As long as she's doing so with some industrial-strength conditioner, she's all set.