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Dear Ted:
After seeing the new Hunger Games pictures, I can see Josh Hutcherson as Peeta, without a doubt. Liam Hemsworth as Gale...a little less convincing. Jennifer Lawrence as Katniss is still, without a doubt, a horrible choice. Not only does she absolutely not fit the physical description (no matter how much she tans or colors her hair), but after seeing her in X-Men this summer, I honestly don't understand her Oscar nom. She and Woody Harrelson, as Haymitch, have me super worried.

Dear Cover Judger:
Sorry, sweetie, I so have to disagree! Woody will totally be able to pull of the scruffy drunk look. As for Jen, the physical can always be manipulated, but talent can't. The gal's got more in her than you're so quick to think. Seriously, hon, watch Winter's Bone and you might change your mind.

Dear Ted:
Why no interest in the Emma Watson-Johnny Simmons relationship? Is it because Simmons is not a well-known actor? They have been a couple since hooking up on the Perks of Being a Wallflower set in May. Emma has all the time and money to be anywhere in the world—but she is hanging out where Johnny lives, in L.A. Emma is the It girl of young actresses and people are turning a blind eye to her relationship with Simmons. Please explain.

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Dear Nonexistent Couple:
There's a very simple reason that we're not dishing the goss' on this couple. Sorry to disappoint, darlin', but sources have already shot down those shaky rumors of their costar coupledom. Never happened. They did have an adorbs stroll in the park tho.

Dear Ted:
Lucinda Jones-Smythe and Cubby Asparagus have to be Amy Poehler and Will Arnett. He's been in so many failed sitcoms and she keeps landing the good gigs. If you don't answer I'll just assume I'm right.

Dear Correctomundo:
Oh no, guess I had better answer! Lucinda and Cubby are not the "funny" types, so no. Tho I can't get through all the wrong B.V.s, so no assumptions, ‘K?

Dear Ted:
Please give me the scoop on Andrew Garfield! After watching his adorbs speech at Comic-Con for the Amazing Spider Man, I just can't get enough of him! Are he and Emma Stone really as chummy as they seem? Could there possibly be more between them? And what's next for the delish Brit?

Dear Spidey Lovin':
From his chummy answer's about Emma, I'm starting to think they are! And what a ca-ute couple, must say. As for his, ahem, strictly professional life, he's got some thriller with Jennifer Garner in the works.

Dear Ted:
Is Kat Graham Debbie Doobie? Honestly, it's driving me nuts! ‘Cause I know it's obvious. Just can't put it together.

Dear Kat-Free:
I'm really starting to feel your pain on this Doobs conundrum! Not on the nose yet. Think more famous.

Dear Ted:
There was a rumor that a main actor from True Blood would be announcing that they are gay? The Vampire King got married recently, but is it someone else?

Dear Sexual Suckers:
Hmmm. I have someone on my mind, but doubts they're coming out anytime soon.

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