Lindsay Lohan

It was already pretty well-documented that Lindsay Lohan wasn't totally lonely while spending 35 days under house arrest at her Venice pad.

But it turns out that one of her guests was a nattily dressed little guy named Rico. He's got sleepy green eyes, a couple of pointy teeth and you just want to hug him!

Wait, what?

Lohan put her lack of mobility to good use by shooting a video for Air New Zealand's ongoing marketing campaign, "On the SkyCouch With Rico," in which the furry fella interviews celebrity guests in that tongue-in-cheek fashion that's all the rage now.

While we're not sure how being confined to your home translates into "come fly with me," Lohan did have some good insight for the inquisitive Rico, who admitted to the actress that he was crushing on Kim Kardashian.

"Well, she's very pretty," Lindsay agreed. "I'm sure you could be friends...I'm sure she'd love the fur, maybe not the fangs."

Rico, who managed a lot more questions than Matt Lauer did, also asked about the annoying paparazzi. "They take pictures of you shopping, eating, kissing lady friends," he said, to which Lohan just replied with a nod and a shake of her head.

In the nearly 5-minute video, Rico also attempts to hypnotize Lohan, but he does way too good a job and just puts her to sleep.

"I guess it's nap time," he shrugged.

In closing, Rico also presented Lohan with a couple of necklaces, courtesy of Air New Zealand. "Don't worry, they're all paid for," he assured her.

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