Kelsey Grammer

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Playing a fictional mayer has apparently gone to Kelsey Grammers head.

The former Frasier star, a conservative Republican, has revealed he's got major political aspirations in real life and is dreaming of becoming the next mayor of New York City.

With some seriously deep pockets and a move to the Big Apple, Grammer and his fourth wife, Kayte Walsh, could be seeing the inside of Gracie Mansion. So is he really planning on running?

Admitting he has the "narcissistic personality" and "resilient ego" required for politics, says he will consider starting a second career as a would-be candidate once he's done with acting full-time.

"I have a great career and extraordinary opportunities," the 56-year-old actor tells the New York Post.  "But I look at my political aspirations as that last piece of my life, where I hope to do something good for people and pay back a little."

Grammer's latest role is ruthless Chicago Mayor Tom Kane in the drama Boss on the Starz network. He has gained some political experience while campaiging for conservatives and going on the road to back Sen. John McCain. And he also helps bankroll Rightnetwork, a right-wing cable channel that launched nearly a year ago.

Once the highest paid actor on TV, Grammer definitely has the resources to launch a major campaign and he just made a permanent move to New York from Los Angeles.

Time will tell if New York is ready for Mayor Grammer.

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