Kate Bosworth

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Dear Ted:
Kate Bosworth
had a bright future after Blue Crush but didn't really catch on. She's so very emaciated and seems more interested in her stylist than her boyfriends yet was with Alexander Skarsgård and Orlando Bloom for a long time (each). I'm almost afraid to ask what it is about her they found appealing?

Dear Good Question:
Unless you've met Bosworth (as I have), you could not possibly see her charm, which actually does exist. In person, she has an earthy, nonvixen-type, dimpled charm. But on camera? Wood and ice and not much more. I do see what Orlando and Skars saw in her, but what I've never gotten is why Kate always treated her men like her career: with no spice whatsoever.

Dear Ted:
Amy Winehouse's death, shocking? No, it was just a matter of time. Now they will martyr her because of her singing. What they should do is use her death for an anti-drug campaign.

Dear Just Say No:
I don't agree at all. Let Amy rest in peace. She's gone. Now, take a living battler of addiction like Lindsay Lohan and make an anti-drug campaign, that idea I like! Because there's still very much a life to save, as opposed to one that's already gone.

Dear Ted:
Lucinda Jones-Smythe
and Cubby Asparagus. Are they Freddie Prinze Jr. and Sarah Michelle Gellar? Love you!

Dear Great Guess:
No, but those two sure have been fighting the imminent breakup rumors for a helluva long time!

Dear Ted:
About Nikki Reed's upcoming nuptials: Is this wedding a cover to hide her pain of losing Robert Pattinson? She still seems hung up on it. After all, she has said that "some" of them probably wouldn't remain friends

Dear Slight Stretch:
Nope, Nikki's actually totally into fiancé Paul McDonald. Who wouldn't be? He's a total cutie. But I do think there's a degree of bitterness with Nikki and the whole Twilight gang and Rob moving on. Nik never really got to be one of the A-list hangers, and she knows it.

Dear Ted:
Immediate guess for Lucinda Jones-Smythe and Chubby Asparagus: Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell. Am I close?
—Chicago Jen

Dear Not Really:
Lucy and Cubby are really more of an established couple, pretty long-term. I realize, by Hollywood standards, Rebecca and Jerry are getting to that stage, but they're just not there yet. Think slightly less attractive, also.

Dear Ted:
Is Debbie Doobie Anna Faris? She was named Stoner of the Year by High Times for one of her roles and she was in Friends and Entourage.

Dear Smells Off:
Nope, Anna's in a totally A-list, different movie crowd than complete stoner chick Debbie, sorry.

Dear Ted:
What is there to prove for Miley Cyrus? What others think sometimes can be harsh, with only one life and passing through why waste it on appearance? Just live from the inside.

Dear Um, OK?
Is this Debbie Doobie writing in?

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