Crystal Harris

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Crystal Harris kissed and told—and now she's really, really sorry.

She's also blaming Howard Stern for her outburst.

After the Playboy playmate visited the shock jock's Sirius Satellite radio show this week and spilled all the details on how her former fiance Hugh Hefner performed in the sack, Hef became tweetin' mad and lashed out at Harris, calling her lost.

Now, Hef's runaway bride is tweeting a big fat apology.

What's she have to say for herself?

"The Stern interview scared me, he's harsh. I was unprepared and blurted out things I shouldn't have said, I'm sorry," she wrote yesterday.

As if leaving the 85-year-old Playboy founder at the altar wasn't bad enough, she slammed his bedroom manner on Stern's show, saying: "Hef doesn't really take off his clothes. I have never seen him naked."

And it got worse from there.

Harris also pointed out that sex with the octogenarian "lasted like about two seconds."

"I was over it," she said of Hef's sexpertise. "I just like, walked away. I am not turned on by Hef. Sorry," she added.

When Stern pressed her for what she thought was a turn on for Hef, she told him the magazine mogul likes to cuddle with his lady friends and likes to stay in and watch silent movies with them.

Hef fought back on Twitter, saying he was now in a "better place" with his new girlfriends Anna Sophia Berglund and Shera Bechard.

He also called Harris a liar, writing: "Crystal convinced me that she adored me. That was the first lie."

But now all seems to be sort of OK after Harris' semi-apology, with Hef sending out a tweet today on the whole matter of Harris' trash talking.

"I don't blame Howard. Crystal shouldn't have been booked on the show at this sensitive time," he wrote.

We're glad these two could kiss and make up. 

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