Rupert Murdoch

Press Association via AP Images

Rupert Murdoch's pie tosser is getting tossed behind bars.

Comedian Jonathan May-Bowles, aka Jonnie Marbles, who bum-rushed the media mogul with a shaving cream pie inside the House of Commons two weeks ago as Murdoch gave News of the World phone hacking evidence, was in court today in London, facing the music for his antics.

So what was the court jester convicted of? 

The 26-year-old comic was convicted of assault and causing harassment, alarm and distress for his attack on the 80-year-old News Corp. honcho.

Marbles pled guilty to all the charges and will be sentenced on Aug. 2.

That's not to say he's sorry by any means.

The outrageous comic, who launched the pie attack as Murdoch and his deputy COO son James gave evidence on the phone hacking that happened at the family owned News of the World in front of the country's Culture Committee, took another shot at the mogul today.

Mimicking the very statement Murdoch gave when he went before the committee, Marbles today made exactly the same statement about his conviction.

"I'd just like to say that this is the most humble day of my life," the comedian joked.

We beg to differ. That now infamous bitch slap from Murdoch's wife, Wendi Deng Murdoch, seems to win for humbling this jokester.

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