Isaiah Mustafa remains the man your man can smell like.

The reigning face and body of Old Spice easily withstood the tongue-in-cheek YouTube campaign kicked up by the Procter & Gamble-owned brand pitting the ever-tan-and-long-tressed Fabio, of Harlequin romance and I Can't Believe It's Not Butter! fame, against Mustafa for Old Spice Guy honors.

"A real man would have challenged me to a duel with a left-to-right slap across the face using only the finest pair of off-white duel-challenging gloves," Mustafa taunted Fabio in a video posted Monday, one of dozens of videos, tweets and Facebook posts aiding and abetting the feud, dubbed "Mano a Mano en El Baño."

But after confirming that Fabio's pecs couldn't compete with his own, Mustafa warned him in a follow-up video that, the next time the accented '80s-era stud tries "throw a poisonous net on someone," he had better use his "titanic pectoral muscles to wrestle them to the ground, tie them up and handcuff them, Mace them, Tase them, shoot them with elephant tranquilizer darts," etc.

"The next time you do that to someone, make sure that someone is not me," Mustafa concluded, glaring handsomely into the camera.

So, feel free to continue imagining yourself with the current Old Spice guy on a boat, in a hot tub, riding a horse...wherever. But remember that Fabio's the guy to call when that bodice needs ripping.

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