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Dear Ted:
I read that a certain couple is pregnant again and the father isn't that in to it because an ex of his is about to be back on the market. The site said to expect the baby announcement within the next few weeks. Is Jennifer Garner pregnant?

Dear Baby-Daddy Drama:
I think the real Q you want to know is if Jen Garner is popping out another little one to keep her hubby locked down (which is a truly tawdry thought, D), but fear not: Ben hasn't let his formerly wandering eye drift to his past. While J.Lo may be on the man-candy prowl now, Ben is keeping his residence solely in Jenny Garner's block. Will it last?

Dear Ted:
I'm gonna push my luck and ask another DDD question. Why have you not really answered the many versions of "Does 3D have a new love?" questions, but you have shared on JJO's sleazy one-nighters with chicks and the nonceleb BF? They are by far my fave B.V. and I'm past wanting a redux for the couple—I want 3D to truly be able to tell JJO that he was the best thing he'll never have while walking off with his upgrade and a more successful career.

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Dear Dream On:
Hate to say it, but I generally don't dish on DDD's love life ‘cause it's très boring. Sorry, babe, and you're going to be even more disappointed when you hear that, as much of a jerk as Judas is and was, he's still got the better career...and probably always will.

Dear Ted:
I must know, is Debbie Doobie Amanda Seyfried? This might explain her recent behavior at Comic-Con. Maybe our girl just needs some sleep!

Dear Lit Up:
I think there's a different explanation for her dubious behavior (one far more obvious and not at all drug related), but she isn't our Deb. Amanda's got a Blind Vice all right, though. It just isn't as illegal as DD's. Any guesses as to which par-tick moniker Amanda belongs?

Dear Ted:
You said Kristin Cavallari has a Blind Vice and that might be why her engagement didn't work out. So I think I might know which Vice she is. Is she Shellack Attack?

Dear Bride T.B.D.:
Yes K.Cav is most definitely a recent member of our Blind Vice fam, but she is not Shelly. She's a tag-team Vice with hubby-no-more Jay Cutler, if that helps you narrow down the suspects.

Dear Ted:
Just wanted the expert opinion here. Which Jennifer pretty much doesn't have a care in the world and which Jennifer is more likely in private turmoil, Aniston or Lopez? Curious minds want to know.

Dear Delusional:
Both women have exactly what they want—for now.

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