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If you are a fan of movies, TV shows, books…basically any form of entertainment, you know that creepy dolls are never added to plots to bring happiness. They're usually there to cause seriously creepy trouble, and True Blood is no different.

At Thursday's TCA presentation, Anna Paquin, Stephen Moyer and show creator Alan Ball took the stage to talk about the rest of season four.

And the very first question was: "What is up with that creepy baby doll?"

"I had no idea where that was going to go [when we first showed the doll]," Ball says. "And now creepy baby doll has found its way to creepy baby. They're teamed up now. There's something going on between those two, I can tell you that."

Ugh, it gives us shivers just thinking about creepy doll anywhere near that precious baby. But if last week's episode is any indication, that doll isn't going anywhere, exorcism or no exorcism.

But on to good news! Ball shot down the rumor that he wasn't returning as showrunner for season five, which probably means that the announcement of True Blood's renewal isn't far behind. Not that anyone would be surprised by the pickup, but it's nice to hear Ball will still be behind the wheel.

Here are other highlights from the True Blood presentation at TCA:

  • They will be going back to see how one of the vampires was made in season five. Kristin Bauer said at Comic-Con that she really hopes we get to see how Eric made Pam, so it looks like she'll get that plot wish granted.
  • Ball says the biggest challenge in shooting the show is getting everything done on time. In the end, they have to scale back on or drop certain scenes altogether. "The key to it is everyone really loves working on this show," Ball insists.
  • Ball admitted that Paquin and Moyer were able to keep their offscreen relationship a secret for a while, but then he turned to them and said: "Not as long as you thought."
  • "It's not a show where you think there's a lack of imagination," Paquin tells the crowd of reporters. Both actors insist they are encouraged to pitch their own ideas for their character. "When we were down at Comic-Con, we were pitching ideas. Bill taking over the world. That sort of thing," Moyer said (maybe?) jokingly. He also wishes for Bill to visit Merlotte's more often.
  • Prepare to be quoting Pam yet again on Monday morning. "Kristin's got [a line] coming up that is possibly the greatest line of all time," Moyer reveals.
  • Paquin is comfortable with the fact that Bill and Sookie will remain apart. "Our love in real life is fine, so I'm fine with our characters being distraught and sad," she says. "It's not interesting television if everything works out for Bill and Sookie and they adopt five babies and live happily ever after."
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