Chloe Lattanzi, Play with Me

Who knew everybody's favorite good girl Olivia Newton-John could have such a dark daughter?

While mom drew comparisons to Sandra Dee in Grease, 25-year-old offspring Chloe Lattanzi is giving off more of a Marilyn Manson vibe in the extremely dark music video "Play With Me," which shows her shaking and bloody in a bathtub frying from electrocution.

Now she's facing some serious backlash, and it's not from Mommy!

The Australian Council for Children has gone after Lattanzi for the shocking video, calling it nothing but a sad attention grabber.

"I think it's sad that this young woman has such a need for attention that she needs to push the envelope of good taste and appropriateness this far," the council's Media President, Elizabeth Handsley, told "This simply glamorizes a range of harmful behaviors and does nothing to help empower young people to cope with relationship problems."

In the tune Lattanzi sings: "Never knew love could hurt like this/What is this feeling?" as she tries to get the attention of a man sitting on a toilet near her. She appears to be invisible to him.

The singer has been fighting back against the parents' group with a statement in a clip she posted on Twitter, saying the video, which has her bleeding from the eyes and doing lines of cocaine in a glamorous-looking living room, is just art.

"I know it may be quite disturbing, but I appreciate you tuning in and all the opinions that are voiced," she tells the camera. "It's purely just for artistic value. I don't want to kill myself, I don't want to die, I don't want to kill anybody."

Lattanzi appears lighthearted as she talks about the video, wearing a plaid shirt and smiling during her explanation of her "art," which also disturbingly shows her pointing a gun at her own head and slitting her wrists while in bed with a man and bleeding onto the white sheets.

Lattanzi, whose father is actor Matt Lattanzi, is Olivia's only child. Before this latest controversy, she faced rumors that she'd had her face redone at the age of 22.

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