Hollywood is constantly looking for ways to identify with the general moviegoer. If that means saying a new action movie is based on a beloved board game from childhood, despite a few alien liberties, to tap into the existing sentiment, then so be it.

Now it seems that enough time has passed from the financial crisis for it to get its own big time comedy with a star-studded cast that includes Ben Stiller, Alan Alda, Casey Affleck, Matthew Broderick and Eddie Murphy.

Check out the new trailer for Tower Heist:

From director Brett Ratner, this heist involves a group of employees from a high-rise luxury residence looking to get back at the man who defrauded them out of their pensions (Alda)...And it just so happens the guy lives in their building.

Their plan for justice? Find his $20 million nest egg stashed somewhere inside. But with no criminal experience, they turn to Murphy, an out-on-bail thug who schools them in the nuances of thievery and, um, getting shot in the cheek. It's actually the funniest thing we've seen from the comedian in years.

But we can't help but notice the whole thing feels a lot like it could be Ocean's 14, just in New York and with a slightly less famous cast.

Tower Heist breaks into theaters Nov. 4. Are you down for some revenge comedy?

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