Kurt Cobain

Frank Micelotta/Getty Images; AP Photo/The Daily World, MacLeod Pappidas)

Maybe it's us, but naming public infrastructure after a drug-addicted rocker who killed himself doesn't sound like a winning political move.

And a city council in Washington State agrees—much to the chagrin of Nirvana fans.

Band diehards wanted to honor Kurt Cobain's memory by renaming local bridge after the late rocker. See, Cobain had a soft spot for the overpass having often reminisced about how he used to sleep under it.

However, in a 10-to-1 vote, the Aberdeen City Council sided with eight citizens who spoke out against the name change, arguing that doing so would memorialize the life of a rock icon who—while helping to usher in the grunge era of rock with hits like "Smells Like Teen Spirit"—unfortunately was equally well known for his substance abuse.

The decision was greeted by applause from those who attended the hearing.

But don't despair, Nirvana fans. As a consolation, the council did agree to name a small parcel of land in a river the Cobain Landing.

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