Alexander Skarsgard

Yesterday we gave a major thumbs up to the gorgeous hunk o' meat that is Alexander Skarsgård's "It Gets Better" PSA, but somebody ticked me off after that little article was sent off into Internet space.

No, I'm not pissed at the sexiest vamp on True Blood (in my humble oh-pinion), or what you said about him, or the stylist who covered up his abs.

Kinda pissed at myself.

Here's why:

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It dawned on my stupid ass (and brain) that anyone who takes part in the "It Gets Better" vids is way cool. I don't care how well it comes off, or not. Whether it'll do any good or was well written, or not. That's not the point.

The point is that all the celebs, regular peeps, and yep, even the president deserve kudos for sure.

But we didn't make that quite clear yesterday.

Ya, we weren't huge fans of Rutina Wesley's version of the popular vids, but whatever. So, what? She did the PSA, and that matters much more. Y'all made that clear in the comments—and I felt it important in this instance to say I very much agree. I was wrong. You were right.

Nothing should take away from the fact that Rutina decided to take a stand against gay bullying—hell, against bullying in general.

Indeed, we need all the anti-bullying PSAs we can get—stupid or smart, funny or serious.

Because it does get better, no matter how you say it.

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