Ryan Gosling, Emma Stone

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Dear Ted:
I think you wrote recently that Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield are an item. I was wondering if it's really Emma and Ryan Gosling? She was just offered another film role with Ryan.

Dear Romancing the Stone:
Maybe she's just a really talented actress deserving of the roll, doll? Which she is. But while the tabloids have been linking Em with every eligible H'wood hunk she's appeared alongside, Team Truth is totally Team Garfield on this one. They're just too cute together, and their chemistry is off the spidey charts!

Dear Ted:
I (like the rest of the planet, well, maybe not Shia LaBeouf) adore Mumford & Sons. They all seem like fun-loving, down-to-earth guys. So any truth to Marcus Mumford and Carey Mulligan soon to be united in wedded bliss rumor?
—Aubie Irish

Dear Ring on the Fing:
Carey's camp has stayed especially quiet on this par-tick rumor, which means all signs point to yes. Whadda cute little folky couple they are! And agreed darling, glad she ditched LaBeouf—she was always way to classy for him.

Dear Ted:
I was wondering if you're allowed to spill the beans on Ryan Seacrest seeing as he's a fellow E!-er. Does he have a Blind Vice? Is he really as nice as he portrays himself on TV? If not, do tell!
—Will Work for Fish

Dear Seacrest Secret:
Surprisingly (or not), he doesn't have a Blind Vice, babe. But it's got nothing to do with the fact that we share the same office space. Come on, since when have I followed any rules? The B.V. archive has seen an E! alum or two in its day...

Dear Ted:
Can you give an update on Nevis Divine? Has he settled on being with the girl or does Barrington Bang-Me More still have a shot, assuming he wants one? I mean isn't BBMM with a rather famous GF right now too?

Dear Divine Intervention:
Nev's pretty into a lady for now. Sorry to disappoint, lads, but that's not to say that Barr can't win back his man if he wants to. They're still on good terms, just doing their own thing for now with a few other peeps. Typical for these two, trust.

Dear Ted:
OK, Glee producers are like a yo-yo, with first the cast is leaving after this season and now they are under long-term contracts with no one going. You had mentioned Dianna Agron would definitely leave. Do you think that might have changed and that she will be staying on the show longer?

Dear Bye-Bye Di:
That's all up to the show's big wigs (i.e. Ryan Murphy and his muddled team), who really don't seem to know what the hell they want. Which means Di's show choir future is just as tenuous as the rest of the cast's. That's not to say she wants to stick with Glee, but a contract is a contract.

Dear Ted:
! Debbie Doobie is totally Blake Lively.

Dear And Thank You:
Uh, puh-lease, she's totally not.

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