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Touched a nerve, did they?

Just moments before she was scheduled to appear on Good Day L.A. this morning, the newly single and regrettably inked Kat Von D stormed out of the studio.

Why? Because they had the nerve to air an officially sanctioned clip sent into wide release by her own network, TLC, of her getting a tattoo of Jesse James' name. Make that, of her getting a tattoo of her ex-fiancé Jesse James' face. What gall!

So what does Kat have to say for herself?


"Dear GoodDayLA, thanks for the waste of a perfectly good morning," she tweeted this morning, just minutes after her divalicious storm-out (which, incidentally, went down right before E!'s own Giuliana Rancic and hubby Bill were due to grace the show).

"Lack of compassion n respect for eachother never fails to dissappoint me."

Sure, Von D was ostensibly booked on the show to discuss the new season of her reality series LA Ink, but come on. You just publicly (and inexplicably) called it quits with one of the nation's most notorious womanizers whose name you just also happened to have tattoo'd on your body (willingly, and with your show's cameras present) and you think it's not going to at least come up?

"Damn Kat Von D just walked out of studio before our interview cuz we showed clip with her and Jesse from her show LA Ink," host Jillian Barberie tweeted incredulously. "Well her company sent the clip!! Krazy Kat fight!"

In any case, it didn't take long for Kat to move on from the incident, tweeting, "It's the nature of this very ugly beast."

"Onwards and upwards! :)" she wrote, before adding, later, "My apologies if I've offended anyone this morning-For the record: I did not storm off - I politely left w notice when GDLA broke their word."

"What a show," guest host Jeff Michael said at the end of the program. "All the guests, those who stayed, and those who didn't...we're sorry, Kat!"

Yeah, this promotional tour is gonna be a breeze.

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