Why Did Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan Make Up?

Former frenemies party together at the heiress' Malibu beach pad. Find out why they decided to bury the axe...

By Cristina Gibson Jul 27, 2011 2:05 PMTags
Paris Hilton, Lindsay Lohan J. Vespa/WireImage

First they were friends. Then they were enemies. And now, Paris Hilton and Lindsay Lohan are party partners again!

Just last weekend, Paris invited Linds to her Malibu beach bash and L.L. accepted. Guests at the soiree were very surprised to see her.

"Everyone at the party was in shock when they saw her walk in. But all that tension was cut loose when the girls gave eachother a big hug," an eyewitness tells me.

So why did the girls kiss and make up now?

"Paris has known Lindsay since she was 15 years old," a source close to the reality star says. "The girls have had their falling-outs in the past, but they've put that all behind them. They feel that life is short and they're adults and have been friends way too long to let go."

The one-time frenemies seemed to be having a great time as they laughed and danced together. Eyewitnesses didn't see L.L. drink but said she seemed in good spirits.

Perhaps that's because she made another friend at the fete? 

LiLo got flirty with Aussie actor Brett Tucker and later left the bash with him.

Emma Roberts also made an appearance at Paris' party with her new beau, Chord Overstreet.