Amy Winehouse


If nothing else, Amy Winehouse's sudden death has reminded fans of her extraordinary talent.

The British belter is back on the charts in a big way this week. How big?

Her Grammy-winning breakthrough Back to Black reentered the Billboard 200 at No. 9, selling 37,000 copies (nearly all digitally), since she was found dead in her home on Saturday.

The album also topped the iTunes and Amazon charts in the days following her death. (We won't talk about Microsoft and its hamfisted attempt to cash in on Winehouse's demise.)

Her debut album, Frank, sold 7,600 copies—again, the bulk of sales coming via download.

According to Nielsen SoundScan, that was the most Winehouse albums sold in three years.

Winehouse tunes were downloaded 111,000 times in the past week, led by her trademark "Rehab," with 34,000.

Her radio airplay increased 170 percent.

And, sadly, she is no longer around to make more music.

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