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Robots! They're the only thing missing from Glee that would make it truly, ridiculously awesome!

Darren Criss and his fellow castmembers took over Comic-Con on Sunday to chat about season three, what's next for their characters and if they think they might be graduating.

Criss, however, went above and beyond his media duties and began speculating about how he thinks his character, Blaine Anderson, might be an evil scientist who builds robots. That can't be good for Blaine's relationship with Kurt (Chris Colfer)...

Criss confesses to us he's totally creeped out by Blaine's school, Dalton Academy.

"There are no teachers there. I've never seen a single adult," he says incredulously. "Blaine is some autonomous leader. Blaine could be an evil psychotic mastermind. Like an evil scientist that builds robotic boys."

Wouldn't that be the Best. Glee episode. Ever?

But robots aside, Glee fans can also expect more standard storylines next season, like meeting Mr. Anderson! "If they do write anything, I would love to meet Blaine's father," Criss dishes. "I think Blaine comes from quite a bit of turmoil in his past. He definitely has daddy issues."

And, since graduation is the main fear for most Glee castmembers, we had to ask him: What year is Blaine exactly? "I heard when his character first came out that Ryan [Murphy] had said that he was a year older than Kurt, but maybe stayed back a year," Criss says. "I don't know what grade level he is or even if that matters."

Check out our full interview below, and then let's start pitching a Transformers/Glee crossover spinoff.

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