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Looks like Kristen Stewart won't have to worry about dropping the soap anytime soon.

While it's long been rumored that K.Stew would take on the oh-so-controversial role of a transgender druggie in her director mama's prison flick, the latest word is that Kristen will not be appearing in K-11. Instead, her big bro, Cameron, will get his shot at big-screen fame in the Stewart family flick.

Is it a personal beef that's keeping Kristen out of the controversial pic?

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Nope. Get this: Kristen hasn't been involved with the flick since, like, "forever."

"Someone's been spreading rumors, per usual," a source close to Kristen told us about her long-rumored involvement with the film. "She was connected to it forever ago, before it was even financed, back when it was more of an idea."

And that's about as far as it goes.

This isn't exactly surprising seeing as Kristen is suiting up to kick some serious ass in Snow White and the Huntsman next (followed by two more installments in the fairy-tale franchise) and has press galore for On the Road and both editions of Breaking Dawn on the horizon.

Where the hell would she find the time?

Even though Stewart's reps wouldn't comment, this ain't the first time a rumor has run rampant concerning K.S. Remember when we thought she might be getting her superhero movie on opposite Henry Cavill in Superman? Or when she was set to take on Angelina Jolie's leftovers in Wanted 2.

They all seem so silly in retrospect. And deceitful too. Stop toying with our K.Stew lovin' hearts, people!

Thing is, K.Stew probably would have been thrilled to partake in this par-tick pic had Bella Swan never come along. This was totally the gritty, taboo work Kris loved taking on. You know, long before every big-budget flick in town started courting her.

Must admit, we're a bit bummed (tho, not surprised) about K-11. But what say you, loyal Krisbians? Are you disappointed Kristen won't be getting back to her Indie darling roots, or are you totally thrilled she's signed on to another franchise?

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