Adrianne Curry, Comic Con


So True So False, STSF

Adrianne Curry loves getting her nerd on, and when it comes to Comic-Con, she goes all out.

At last week's annual bash in San Diego, the original winner of America's Next Top Model got fanboys worked up with four different costumes over four days, from her version of Star Wars' iconic Princess Leia slave outfit to dressing up as one of the Empire's officers, or an "Imperial Dominatrix" as she called it.

But was her sexy "boobtacular"-and-latex take on Aeon Flux so hot that it prompted security to give her the heave-ho? The answer is…

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Adrianne Curry, Comic Con


So true!

Sort of.

The former reality star, otherwise known as the soon-to-be-ex-wife of Christopher "Peter Brady" Knight, took to Twitter to rant about he inability to strut her stuff thanks to some prudish San Diego police, who threatened to give her the boot if she didn't cover up her exposed, um, Flux.

"Just got stopped by a ton of costume is illegal...the butt....sigh," she tweeted. "Apparently the San Diego police are unfamiliar with a screen accurate version of Aeon Flux. :P sucked! no good pics :("

Moments earlier, Curry tweeted followers, "if you wanna see my aeon flux costume come now cause the cops are on my ass."

Indeed. The 28-year-old brunette beauty was allowed to go on her merry way once she wrapped some cloth around her waist.

You'd think convention organizers might want somebody hot there to spice things up.

After all, the geeks could use a good nerdgasm.

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