Angelina Pivarnick is ready to repent.

Not over her horrible behavior towards her ex-Jersey Shore housemates—who weren't sad to see her go after she battled with each of them—but instead over the hard-partying ways she's ready to let go of.

The former reality troublemaker also opened up on the syndicated Father Albert Show about a recent miscarriage she suffered and what she thinks caused her to lose her baby.

"Everyone in the tabloids and media weren't really leaving me alone about it...Basically I wanted it to be my personal business, and it really wasn't," she said, tearing up. "It was really hard because it came out and I really didn't want anyone to know about it at first. I went through a lot of stress, and I ended up losing the baby."

When Father Albert asks specifically if the Shore castoff thinks the media attention actually contributed to her loss, Pivarnick begins to cry.

"Definitely...And even the guy, he wasn't there for me either. So that was a big thing," she said.

Pivarnick does not name her baby daddy. She had been with ex-fiancé David Kovacs (who previously old E! News that if he was the father, he would step up and take responsibility) during that period but reportedly cheated on him.

Instead, Pivarnick says the father of the child was "just a guy I was with" and that he wasn't supportive of the pregnancy.

"He wasn't there for me...he was tormenting me...and it was definitely a big reason why I think what happened to me, happened to me. It was definitely a reality check," she said.

Father Albert told her he was sorry for her loss as he comforted Pivarnick in front of the cameras.

The show airs on Aug. 4 on Fox.

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