Lady Gaga

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Lady Gaga doesn't have to look too far to top the infamous meat dress she wore last year to MTV's Video Music Awards.

Another outrageous getup has already been designed for her.

What do you think of a dress made out of...bones?!

I kid you not. Read on for the tasty details..., an internet retailer of barbeque meats and sauces, has offered Gaga a whopping $500,000 to wear a yet-to-be-seen bone dress to the VMAs.

The Ohio-based company claims they have teamed up with a well-known fashion designer who has shown in New York, London and Paris to cook up the one-of-a-kind creation. Plans would also include using gourmet barbeque sauces accessories and makeup.

"We won't reveal the number of bones that it includes just yet," PigofTheMonth CEO Lea Richards tells me. However, she said it weighs about twelve pounds.

"[Gaga] would still be able to move in a normal fashion," Richards explained.

No doubt this is a quite an imaginative marketing scheme, but the dress will also be auctioned off to benefit Bones for Hunger, PigofTheMonth's soon-to-be launched financial assistance program for struggling artists.

The VMAs will be handed out on Aug. 28 in Los Angeles.

No word yet from Gaga's camp. However, if she passes, the meat company will try to incorporate the dress into New York's next Fashion Week.

Now we want to hear from you. Should Lady Gaga wear the bones dress to the VMAs? Sound off below.

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