Alexander Skarsgard, True Blood


Holy scoop, Batman! Do we have tons to tell you guys!

Want the latest on Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) and Sookie (Anna Paquin) on True Blood? How about a sneak peek at The Walking Dead's second season? Oh, and let's not forget all the latest info on Glee, Supernatural, Community, Big Bang Theory, and so much more…

…because we were at Comic-Con for four days straight, and we have a crazy amount of scoop to show for it.

We know, we know. You guys are probably expecting to see an actual Spoiler Chat this week. But you have to forgive us, because we are about as tired as a human being can get after four days of running from panel to panel, press room to press room, all in an effort to deliver you guys the best scoop on all your favorite shows. Basically, we can barely find the energy to turn on our computers.

But never fear! We got so much good scoop from Comic-Con, and it's all right here for your perusal. It's quite possible you missed something, since stories were breaking over the weekend. And a lot of you were probably, you know, outside breathing fresh air and not in the depths of the San Diego convention center squished between someone who doesn't know what deodorant is and someone who is won't stop shrieking "I love you!" at Ian Somerhalder.

So in case you guys didn't see the live-tweets from every panel, press room, and party, you can catch up on all the tweeted tidbits:

Day One: Live From Comic-Con: Dexter, Game of Thrones, Psych, Ringer and More!
Day Two: Live From Comic-Con, Day Two: True Blood, The Walking Dead, The Big Bang Theory & More!
Day Three: Live at Comic-Con: Vampire Diaries, Being Human, Community, Chuck, Nikita, Terra Nova & More
Day Four: Live at Comic-Con: Glee, Supernatural, Doctor Who and More!

Or, just check out all these posts highlighting the Comic-Con action:

Want more good news? We have lots more coverage where that came from. Tons of videos, one-on-one interviews and party coverage will be coming at your beautiful faces all week! And you guys didn't even have to wait in lines for days on end to get the scoop. Or deal with overeager Twilight fans shoving you out of the way to get to Hall H.

You are so welcome.

Next week we will return to the Spoiler Chat you all know and love. Still mad we're skimping on you today? You can yell at us in the comments, but know we won't read them until tomorrow as we are still trying to recover from no sleep, being squished in with lots of people and typing until our fingers are numb.

Are you a movie buff as well? Our Comic-Con page has some really cool updates on the big movies that hit San Diego this year.

A huge thanks to everyone who followed our live-tweets and up to date coverage over Comic-Con weekend. We were more than happy to keep you informed. And to the amazing team here at E!Online.

See you next year, San Diego!

—Tireless reporting by Jenna Mullins (@jbomb11), Drusilla Moorhouse (@drumoorhouse), & Natalie Finn (@natfinnonE)

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