With Robert Pattinson and Taylor Lautner salivating over Kristen Stewart's every move, the girl behind Bella had it good in Twilight.

Come on now, Rob had to be a teensy bit jealous of all the guy lovin' his GF was getting.

Well no worries, folks, 'cause Bel Ami's new trailer shows that R. Pattz is officially the object of obsession for two gorgeous women. So who are the lovely ladies lusting after Rob?

Uma Thurman and Christina Ricci!

While, like Bella and her beautiful men, R.Pattz's character, Georges Duroy, has love scenes with two of the most beautiful women in H'wood, we have to admit that Rob's character's not quite the angelic Bella Swan.

Pattz plays a corrupt journalist who basically sleeps with powerful women to climb the social ladder.

So yeah, Georges isn't exactly a man we want to settle down with. And yet, look at that cheeky grin! Uh, his vamp stare pulls us in!

Point is, doesn't matter if he plays evil, Rob looks a-may-zing in this film. Yes, acting-wise as well!

Oh and our favorite vamp gets nude in this movie. A lot. Not that we care, 'cause it's all about the art, you know, and it's tasteful and blah blah blah.

Basically, we can't wait for Oct. 19 to see Pattz's ass acting skills.

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