Judy Greer, George Clooney

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Judy Greer is one lucky funnylady.

Not only did her dude put a ring on it after a year of dating, but she's also starring in a new movie with George Clooney. So when the Archer funnylady stepped out to the Maxim/FX party, we just had to ask her about both of her fine fellas.

First up, what's it like working with the most wanted man in H'wood?

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"It's really surreal because he's so famous and beautiful," Jude dished. "But I actually worked with him like maybe 12 years ago on Three Kings."

Well then that just makes you double lucky, darling! But get this, it wasn't even G.C. that she was most excited too see on set.

"At the time when I started shooting The Decedents I was a little bit more star struck with Alexander Payne," Judy fessed up. "And then I saw George and I was like ‘Hey, it's so good to see you again. Can you believe it's Alexander Payne? Like, what the hell!' "

Uh, the flick's director is cool and all, but we'll stick to Georgey, thank you very much! He wasn't named People's Sexiest Man Alive two times for nothing. And according to Judy, he ain't just pretty on the outside.

"He's like the nicest person that you live on the same block with," Judy explained. "He's just so accessible and approachable and nice. If he's a unicorn, then he's an easy to hang out with unicorn."

George the unicorn, huh? Love it!

Judy isn't lacking in male lovin' offscreen tho, so we asked the babe if she plans to get her bridezilla on while getting ready to say "I do":

"Hopefully! Fingers crossed," J.G. joked. As for the wedding planning? "So far, so good. It's been pretty easy. I'm excited to be married. I get why people elope. It seems better to be married then to plan a wedding."

Hey, Vegas is only a few hours away, what's stopping you, J? But we don't think Judy is the type of gal to hit up one of the quickie chapels in Sin City, ‘cause she's all about the old-school romance.

What part of getting married is she looking forward to the most? "For me, right now, the actual ‘I now pronounce you man and wife,' " Judy told us.

"The idea of being linked forever to this person is really appealing to me. I love that. Not with any person but with my fiancé. It's romantic and it's weirdly old-fashioned now. People aren't really getting married as much any more."

Well especially not in Hollyweird. Just ask George!

So will his crazy-in-love costar help the newly single star with some dating advice?

"No. Never! Wouldn't even think of it. I should ask him. He's doing fine."

Wonder who he's doing "fine" with these days.

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