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The more vamps the merrier, right?

We think so, at least. ‘Cause we can't get enough of the sexy fanged fellahs, from True Blood's Alexander Skarsgård to Twilight's Robert Pattinson. Well, now there's a new hunky member of the undead: Colin Farrell's Fright Night alter-ego, Jerry.

But how does Jer stack up to our beloved Edward Cullen? We know who'd win in a glitter-off, but—at the Comic-Con press conference for the flick—we had to ask Colin Farrel who would win in a fight between their bloodsucking big screen personas.

And the winner is...

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"It depends what they're fighting for," Colin decided after a bit of thought. "If they're fighting for a lump of meat, Jerry. If they're fighting for the love of a woman, I'm afraid Cullen would have me."

How very P.C., Colin!

Clearly he's not looking to start a riot amongst the Twihards like Kate Beckinsale and her vampy crew. But guess that means Toni Collette won't be getting her Kristen Stewart on in this par-tick film, huh?

Colin continued on his latest baddie role: "I got the chance to play a brutal vampire, somebody who wasn't concerned with anything, with love… Had no fear, no human virtues that would be recognizable at all."

"But you had hotness," writer Marti Noxon chimed in.

"I had hotness! Did I not say that?" Colin joked. "I usually say that. I said it in my head, because people usually judge me when I say that."

Trust us, Colin, we don't think anyone's judging you. You most definitely are hot, sir. Which is obviously why we're so excited you (finally) jumped aboard the vampire bandwagon.

As for how he sharpened his lethal chompers before hitting the set?

Colin says, "Obviously, it's tricky to do research. you can't be walking down Third Street Promenade in Santa Monica and have a nibble on someone's neck. Or maybe you can. Or maybe I did, back in the day."

Again, we don't think too many people would mind. We wouldn't, at least. Oh, and if you're wondering why now is the perfect time for Colin to channel his inner Dracula, well it has something to do with his celebu-spawn.

When one reporter asked if being a new daddy influences his choice in movie roles, Colin immediately responded:

"Yeah, I like only playing savage killers now."

Love it! Well, welcome to the vamp clan, Colin—we're bloody glad to have you!

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