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Last week's episode left us with Sookie (Anna Paquin) still warming up to newly-innocent Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgård) while Jason (Ryan Kwanten) was getting chilly with his rapist ex (thank, gawd). Oh yeah, and Pam (Kristin Bauer) totally got pwned by those witches.

But those bitchy witches better watch out, because Pam doesn't take crap from anyone—supernatural or otherwise.

So what's the deal with the melting Pam, her maker, and the rest of the Bon Temps crew?

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Pam's Still Screwed... Big Time!

As shocking as it is, we feel sorry for the goopy gal. Marnie (Fiona Shaw) doesn't know how to reverse Pam's new not-so-hot look or Eric Northman's not-so-evil amnesia, and she just slipped to Bill (Stephen Moyer) that Eric's shacking up with Sookie.

It would have been amazing if Pam was allowed to get some serious revenge on those Wikkan folk, but Bill has to be all sour about that, too. By the way, Bill is still being a total spoilsport. Over it.

Brothers Unite!

As we've made loud and clear before, Tommy (Marshall Allman) and his 'tude kind of pisses us off. That said, we totally love that he killed his parentals! (Um, that was as strange a sentence to write as it probably was to read.)

For some reason the writers keep pushing the whole familial relaysh between Tommy and Sam (Sam Tramell)—despite them, you know, hating each other's morphing guts—but we have a teensy-weensy feeling that killing their parents will only bring the two bros together. Aw.

Well They've Moved to First Base…

Or second maybe, depending on your dirty deed categorization.

Point is, slowly but surely we're getting some Sook and Eric lovin'. Slowly, but surely. The last clip of Bill rushing to Sook's house totally hinted that he's going to run in on them getting it on, too. This may have freaked us out just weeks ago, but we're kinda ready to have Bill get what's coming to him.

So yeah, come to Sookie's house, Bill. See who treats Sookie right.

How do you like Pam's new look? Should Eric and Sookie hurry up and hit a home run? And are murderous deeds the Bon Temps' way of bonding?

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