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We all know how method Natalie Portman went for Black Swan, so we figured that Tom Hardy and Joel Edgerton, the two hotties in the new mixed martial arts flick, Warrior, probs have some serious fighting skills now.

But the dudes didn't seem too sure of themselves when discussing their newfound knowledge…

"We know even less about fighting than we did when we started," Joel said in a panel discussion at Comic-Con on Friday.

"That's absolutely true," Tom concurred. "Any one of you guys could beat me up right now." 

Now, we-thinks both Joel and Tommy-boy might be over exaggerating a bit, seeing as Tom also admitted that many of the shots they filmed were body-double free.

The two humble hunks were way adorable in their downplay tho', so we just had to share this little back-and-forth about the down-to-earth dudes' nightmares of getting kicked around:

Joel: "‘There's that guy from Warrior, let's beat him up! Let's see what he can do!'"

Tom: "‘Let's kick him in the pants!' I'm with my son! He's three! ‘Ah Daddy, Daddy, get up. He knocked you out cold!'"

Joel: "She knocked you out cold."

Tom: "She's only eighty!"

We just about shizzed our pants from laughing so hard at these two bantering. Even cuter, Tom randomly whipped out some Starburst to share with Joel. Bromance? We think so!

But in all seriousness, the duo did dish on some important tips about fighting. "It's normally the quietest guy in the room," explained Tom. "You learn things like, if I can hear my own voice in a bar fight, I'm just about to get knocked out."

See guys, you did learn something!

Plus trust, they've now got some bee-yoo-tiful muscles.

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