What does one who is in a very public divorce with an A-list celebrity do to cope with the situation? Especially when that ex is Jennifer Lopez?

Um, hello! Grab your best Cuban friend (¡Dale!), put on expensive clothes, and run off to the desert with some alcohol and some eye candy!

That's what Marc Anthony did, so it has to work.

OK, so it wasn't exactly a leisure trip to get away from all the mess.

Anthony and his buddy Pitbull shot the video for their smash collab, "Rain Over Me."

Funny thing is, there's absolutely no rain at all and instead just blistering heat. Which brings up another point, don't they know drinking alcohol in such hot weather is dangerous?!

At least Marc is indoors with a fan, smart guy.

Anyway, the song is catchy, and it's fun to watch guys sing to girls who are forced to look interested, so get on it!

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