Brittany Snow

Courtesy: Erik Kabik/ Retna Digital

Dear Ted:
What's the word on Brittany Snow? Why did she get dropped from Harry's Law? She played the perfect lovable bimbo. I have loved her since American Dreams. It wasn't anything Vicey, was it?

Dear Bye-Bye Brit:
Unlike Morgan Mayhem, B manages to keep her Vices off the set, so any reasons for giving her the ax are purely professional, hon. They also cut Aml Ameen, which mean goodbye to the two youngest, hottest peeps on the show. So sad, I don't get it either, darling.  

Dear Ted:
Just recently I have been sorta obsessed with Dr. Drew Pinsky. I was wondering, does someone as straight-laced (as he seems) have any Vicey behavior? Oh I also just adopted/rescued a bull dog who is all white with a gray tint to his ears, who I have named Caneblanco! Love to you and your animals!

Dear New Parent:
Aw, your new babe sounds adorbs. The doctor has managed to get a clear examination, for now. He comments so much—rather haughtily, must say—on everyone else's Vices though, so pretty sure some secret of his is gonna spill one of these days.

Dear Ted:
I have a question about Twilight. I was not at Comic-Con Thursday, but apparently a few clips from Breaking Dawn were shown, one of them being part of the highly anticipated honeymoon scene, and I'm dying to see it! Any idea of when these clips are going to be released online?

Dear Already Done:

This is true, but some sites have already got a hold of the vid. For example: Check it. It's not the best of clips, but it should hold you over ‘till the next Twi craving. Do you love me now?

Dear Ted:
Is Emma Stone a fair guess for Debbie Doobie? She seems like she has a wild side, but I still love her!

Dear Duped by Doobs:
That's definitely a fair guess darling, but a wrong one.

Dear Ted:
So why would Robert Pattinson be worried about a Twilight tell-all? Thought you said he doesn't live in fear much because he doesn't have much to hide and because he'd expose his Vices himself if he could. Curious.

Dear Troubling Tell-All:
Hey, I didn't say R. Pattz would be worried, I just said he'd be the most Vicey. And he so would. Like I said before, it's his publicists who would be freakin' out about it. Rob, the ol' boy, wouldn't give too much of a damn.

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