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And people say Possum Santana can't act!

Poor, poor Possum. She never really does very well in the movies, as the flicks she stars in rarely do huge box-office numbers, and they almost always get lethal reviews. But Possum is an awfully pretty girl, sure as hell (despite what seem like a million nervous personal twitches). Not to mention she's got a man who's done his best to stick by her sometimes loca side.

Too bad, then, that Possum decided to...

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Cheat on her loyal husband with some pretty-boy type! So fun, but so stupid in the long run.

Because you know why? Pretty boy's already done with Possum, who didn't think this whole thing through—at least, not financially speaking.

And she didn't think through how it'd play out in the court of public opinion either!

Let's be honest: Possum's hubby was a total loser and a bore despite the fact that he was loyal. But she should have been much smarter about it, because now it looks like she's the one who's more in the wrong because, well, she is.

Tsk, tsk, tsk, it's really a shame Possum doesn't know how to be more discreet. Because, you know that wave of sympathy Possum's enjoyed so far, regarding the "sad" break-up of her marriage.

Going to change.

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