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Judging by the masses camped outside the San Diego Convention Center, waiting to glimpse Twilight stars as they arrived at Comic-Con this morning, it's safe to say there's still a huge audience for an ongoing franchise, right?

Which was just the question on everyone's minds today as Kristen Stewart, Robert Pattinson, Taylor Lautner, Nikki Reed, Ashley Greene and many others hosted a press conference at the nearby Hilton Bayfront: Will Stephenie Meyer pen an additional installment—or two?

The stars dropped a few surprises about the possibility of Twi-life after Breaking Dawn - Part 2:

"Yeah like Breakfast TimeTwilight, Eclipse...and then like Breakfast Time or Brunch," Rob joked to us of a follow up of what comes after Dawn.

Kristen smiled as she said in agreement, "Yeah, Breakfast Time."

Getting more serious, Rob then stated, "I don't know you would have to talk to Stephanie I guess."

And speaking somewhat on behalf of author Stephenie Meyer, director Bill Condon then chimed in with this golden nugget, "It's the end of the Edward/Bella love story, that's what [Stephenie] had said earlier. But there are so many characters that I'm sure, well I'm not sure but I suspect, that she'll want to revisit at some point."

Interesting! Could a Taylor Lautner spin off be in the works?

"Wow, sounds like you have some secret knowledge," Taylor responded to Bill's breaking news and again K.Stew echoed, "Do you know this?"

"Not for sure, not for sure," Condon then stated, backing up a bit.

One thing that is for sure? Meyer's gonna milk this cash cow for all it's worth! As the recently rich lady should—it's a win for her and a win for the fans!

"The fans are certainly passionate," Ashley Greene told us at the press conference. "So there's definitely an opportunity for it but as far as we know we are finished."

Key phrase: "As far as we know."

We wouldn't put it past Meyer to pen another super successful spin-off.

But one thing's for sure: We'll be sad to see the Robsten on-screen romance be dunzo.

Good thing we can catch these two in real life!

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