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Twilight's Bella Swan may not be long for the human world, but she is still very much your typical girl.

In an exclusive sneak peek offered up to adoring fans at San Diego Comic-Con (some of whom slept outside for two nights!), Kristen Stewart's newly married Bella frantically preps for her, ahem, first naked moments with Robert Pattinson's Edward Cullen.

We checked it out—along with Rob, Kristen, Taylor Lautner and 6,500 fans in the San Diego Convention Center this morning—and here's what we saw:

"Don't take too long, Mrs. Cullen," her husband tells her, resulting in a wave of whoops from the intrigued audience.

Seriously, she brushes her teeth, shaves her legs, carefully picks out her underwear...really takes her time.

Despite the fact that she's about to disrobe for her equally naked vampire husband for a late-night swim in the ocean outside their honeymoon villa, it's all too real.

But shooting the honeymoon action in Brazil actually felt oddly familiar to Pattinson, the handsome-as-always (despite his jacked-up Cosmopolis crop) Brit explained to the crowd.

"It's kind of like having a honeymoon in England!" he cheerfully said, referring to rather dreary weather that plagued the shoot after the first lovely day. "Playing board games instead of making love on the beach!"

Well, not in the movie they don't!

But it's good to know that the cast is about as pumped for their fans to see the marriage, honeymoon and birth scenes as the Twi-hards are.

"When I get to set, I was just about as nervous as I expected myself to be," Stewart, who was endearingly chatty today, said of the long-awaited wedding scene. "When I got to set and saw everybody sitting in the pews, it was just so beautiful."

She described the lockdown around her dress as "Secret Service-style crazy."

And while Jacob has a, er, special connection with the cloaked-in-secrecy birth scene, Taylor Lautner thinks it's by far the scene worth waiting till November (not to mention the previous several years) for.

"We went as hard-core as we could," Stewart said. "It's definitely not your typical birth scene. It took two days to shoot. Two days of labor, it was really hard...It's always been in my head that she's able to fight harder than any human would be able to because she's got this little bit of that in her, literally."

"Now I'm like really embarrassed," she quipped after the audience met that comment with laughs and whistles.

"Also at that very part, too, I got to play with having venom run through your veins. You start to feel just the hell that that is, and that's after going through the sheer exuberance of looking at your baby for the first time and actually have a moment of calm breath, then out of the worst birth, violent, crazy, hell hole into the next most even worse...Now you see that Bella's absolutely willing to die—and she pretty much does."

We think we get what she's saying.

"The third book [Eclipse] I loved, but this movie is my favorite," Lautner said. "You see all of the characters in a different light. They're in desperate situations."

Count the rumored-to-be-bloody birth scene as Pattinson's fave, as well.

"Edward is very frail and human," and that was an invigorating challenge to play, he said.

And it sounds as if it will be challenging to watch, but we have a feeling millions of people will get through it just fine. How about you?

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