Weston Cage, Nikki William

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It appears "Cage rage" is taking on a much darker meaning.

Nicolas Cage's 20-year-old son, Weston, was arrested on a felony domestic violence charge Wednesday, E! News has learned.

So what'd he do this time?

Details are scarce, but the younger Cage was taken into custody in Hollywood at approximately 5 a.m. and booked. He was released around shortly before 5 p.m. on $50,000 bond.

Per TMZ, when L.A.'s Finest arrested the troubled headbanger, they discovered cuts on his wrist that appeared to be self-inflicted and took him to a nearby hospital to get bandaged up.

While authorities aren't saying what prompted the 911 call, it appears it may have been yet another altercation between Weston and his 22-year-old wife, Nikki Williams. Her mom told TMZ that after this latest bust, "Nikki is safe and away from him."

The twosome tied the knot in April after a relatively quick engagement, but their tumultuous relationship took a turn for the worse earlier this month, when an argument turned physical and both ended up in jail on a domestic violence rap.

Shortly after getting out, Weston took to Facebook and posted several long, rambling screeds professing his love for his missus, vowing to bail her out, and—channeling his favorite comic book hero Thor—promising to be his "family's protector" and denying he would ever attack Nikki, whom he claimed had harmed herself.

Williams, a singer in her own right, meanwhile, took to her Facebook page today like nothing ever happened to plug her burgeoning music career and share the news that she scored a record deal.

": ) Please share my good news!!! Thank you guys. Have a great Day," she wrote.

Weston could not be reached for comment. He is due back in court Aug. 10.

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