Scott Speedman, Jim Parrack, Jackson Rathbone

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You were so excited about our chick fang-banger game last week that we decided to treat you again.

This time, though, we're bringing the men into the mix. Some are mortal, some are not, but none of them can resist the lure of a va-va-voom vamp.

We've got quite an eclectic mix for you to bite your fangs into, so which manly vamp lover would you like to let free, lure into your lair and trap in your dungeon forever?

Jim Parrack, Scott Speedman or Jackson Rathbone!

You'll probably know Jim Parrack more by his True Blood character, Hoyt. Yes, this juicy man is the adorable boyfriend of baby vamp Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll). Besides being so freakin' cute, baby-faced Hoyt is super-sweet, understanding, loyal and basically perfect. He hasn't had his shirt off enough tho. Please fix that, T.B.

Scott Speedman was banging those fangs before fang-bangin' was cool. All the way back in 2003, S.S. played a part vamp, part werewolf who got all wrapped up in a sucky relaysh with Kate Beckinsale for the movie Underworld and then again in 2006 for Underworld: Evolution. The blood-sucker obsession hadn't yet begun, but he sure created some hot-looking competition for fang-bangin' men. And clearly, he needs to re-fang it up again soon!

Lastly, what would a fang-banger poll be without a Twilight pick? Jackson Rathbone plays Jasper, one half of the cute Cullen vampire couple that is Alice (Ashley Greene) and Jasper, but in real life, the yumsicle rocks out with his band, 100 Monkeys. He's delish, he's a vamp himself and he's a renaissance man, what more could you want?

We've given you your choices. Now let the Ditch, Do or Marry games begin!

Awful's Fang-Bangin' Men Poll: Who Would You Ditch, Do or Marry?
Which fang-banger would you throw to the werewolves?
Which fang-banger would you have for supper?
Which fang-banger would keep as your permanent play toy?
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