Willis Family Reunion at The House Bunny Premiere

Rumer's whole fam shows up for her flick

By Ted Casablanca Aug 21, 2008 7:45 PMTags
Ashton Kutcher, Demi Moore, Michah Alberti, Rumer Willis, Emma Heming, Bruce Willis, Tallulah Belle Willis, Scout Willis, House BunnyEric Charbonneau/Le Studio / Getty Images

Westwood was simply aglow in a migraine-inducing bright pink for the premiere of The House Bunny. "Finally, porn becomes PG-13!" exclaimed H.B. costar (and All-American Rejects rockstar) Tyson Ritter. You know it's a bona fide bash when Hefner and his trifecta of rabbit types roll out on the pink carpet.

But Hef and his hons were overshadowed by even bigger boobs—the whole Willis-Moore-Kutcher clan pulled a TomKat takeover to support Rumer's segue from the clubs to the movies.

Trust, R.W. looked fabber in real life than she does in photos, appearing seriously slim in a sleek, black, strapless evening gown. Maybe a bit overdressed—this ain't the Kodak, kid—but a helluva lot classier than that glittery pink princess gown Paris donned to her Hottie and the Nottie premiere, fer sure.

Rumie wasn't the only celeb offspring in the flick—Colin Hanks, son of Tom, duh, also stars in the pic, and the specs-sportin' stud walked the carpet sans either stepmom or dad holding his hand.

Colin-hon's got enough talent to stand alone without parental support. Cut to Rumer, who could barely pose without her more famous parent (or stepparent) standing by.

Are we cynical to think the producers thought, where there's a Willis, there's a way to get her more famous fam to basically promote the movie for her? Casting Rume is like casting Dem, Ash and Bruce in the same pic, as far as publicity goes. If that's the case, smart move.

—With additional English-effin' reportage by Becky Bain