Paris Prowls While Benji's Away?

Is Paris finally moving on from blah boyfriend Benji Madden?

By Ted Casablanca Aug 21, 2008 8:10 PMTags
Doug Reinhardt, Paris Hilton Fame / John Shearer / Getty Images

I've only been bitching this was going to happen for friggin' ages. Did it finally go down? Listen up: While Paris Hilton BF Benji Madden was playing a gig in Washington D.C., Paris hit Brody Jenner's 25th B-day do at Hell-Ay's Coco de Ville on Wednesday night. But it was Bro's good bud and Hills costar Doug Reinhardt who reportedly got a special present.

Sober sources at the hip hang insist they witnessed P-poo not only flirt and repeatedly touch Reinhardt, who recently "dated" Lauren Conrad, but a stall-witness relayed that she saw Paris and Doug spend "an hour" in the bathroom together. Paris' spitting-mad repper would like to flush this claim straight down the john: "It's a totally made-up story," exclaimed the P.H. spokesman, who said he was with Paris the entire evening. "The bathroom incident is completely false. She's in love with her boyfriend. He's who she's with. She's sick of these stories and people poking at lies for press."

OK then.

I'm just a jaded slut here, but gotta say, should this story be true, all of Paris' upcoming projects, from that New Best Friend show to Repo! to the soundtrack for NBF, will be far better served if Ms. H is seen as more of her sultry self again, not this wannabe maybe-missus-Madden merde.

Don't know about you, but I'm burnin' for Paris to burn, baby, burn, one more time before she truly settles down, should that ever even happen. And in case you've got your head under a Beverly Hills Port-A-Potty, this story is so developing.