Alexander Skarsgard

Shirlaine Forrest/WireImage

Guess McSteamy has lost his title, because you can now refer to the hottest vamp in town as doctor.  

Unfortunately, Alexander Skarsgård is not the kind of doctor that can help us with our Skarsholm Syndrome, 'cause he's actually receiving an honorary doctorate degree in the arts.

So which university was genius enough to mix this Swedish hottie with a body with the higher education scene?

Skars very own alma mater, Leeds Metropolitan University in the U.K.!

You see, after serving in the Swedish military (yes, another reason to obsess over the man), he enrolled in the English university to study none other than...English. Tho A.S. admits he wasn't exactly focused on studying and left after six months.

Six months of college, then a doctorate degree, uh where can we sign up? No serious jealousy here though ‘cause Skars has managed to make quite the career for himself after ditching the formal education. And he looks so cute with his fangs.

A.S. was one of nine honorees awarded doctorates that day, but we're guessing he got the Hottest Doctor Award.

That should make up for getting snubbed for an Emmy nom, right Dr. Skars?

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