The Avengers' Iron Man, Thor and Nick Fury Team Up at Captain America Premiere

Costars Chris Evans, Robert Downey Jr., Chris Hemsworth and Samuel L. Jackson chat about working together on the highly anticipated comic book flick

By Peter Gicas Jul 20, 2011 5:00 PMTags

Avengers, assemble!

Actually, some of them did just that on Tuesday night at the Hollywood premiere of Captain America: The First Avenger, where the movie's lead, Chris Evans, was joined on the red carpet by a few of his costars from the upcoming surefire blockbuster The Avengers.

Robert "Iron Man" Downey Jr., Chris "Thor" Hemsworth and Samuel L. "Nick Fury" Jackson were all on hand and more than happy to chat about working together on the highly anticipated multi-hero action flick.

"It's great," said Hemsworth about shooting with the others in New Mexico. "For me, it feels like high school, or like going to a new school anyway. You have to introduce yourself and find that chemistry, but everyone has either done their individual film at this point or has been in one of them, so it's fitting together nicely."

But while it may be going smoothly, Captain America himself admitted that trying to compete in the gym with his fellow buff coworkers, namely Hemsworth, has been a bit of a challenge.

"He's a monster," admitted Evans. "As far as physicality is concerned, you can't touch him. He's huge. There's no way to keep up with him."

In fact, Downey Jr. has decided to avoid such a thing altogether.

"Why even compete?" he said. "I'll just stand there and look kinda pretty."

But, for Jackson, it's less about the muscles and more about the sheer awesomeness that comes with being on set.

"It's an amazing feeling to be in the same room with all these people with their stuff on," said Jackson. "It's like, OK, this is what it's all about."

Meanwhile, early reviews for Captain America, out in theaters on Friday, are starting to surface and they're not exactly offering up a hero's welcome.

"Red, white and bland, Captain America: The First Avenger plays like a by-the-numbers prequel for Marvel Studios' forthcoming The Avengers movie," says Variety.

"Feels a little too simplistic and routine," the Hollywood Reporter points out, adding, in light of the marketing buildup: "Is this all there is?"

"[A] hokey, hacky, two-hour-plus exercise in franchise transition/price gouging, complete with utterly unnecessary post-converted 3-D," remarks the Village Voice.

Ouch! Good thing Cap has that shield.